How To Increase Your Sales

How To Grow Your Sales

1. Ask customers for an honest review.

You can know how a business is performing by having a look at the repeat customers. If the frequency of repeat customers is high you can conclude that it’s doing well. There’s a saying that ‘Collect real tips from real customers.’ So rather than paying the customers to write good reviews which is both unethical and unprofessional, one should focus on their offerings and review their business from time to time for generating genuine positive reviews. They should ask the customers what changes they want to see and what services or products they like the most.

2. Do not obsess over social media – unless, of course, you want to.

There is no harm in spending time on social media as it helps to increase your knowledge about recent trends on customer needs and preferences. But most businesses aren’t really required to spend much time on social media handles like Facebook, Twitter etc. It completely depends on the kind of business you own. And rather than putting numerous posts online and constantly promoting your business for more customer engagement it is always better to put posts that include information about the industry or articles that the customers are interested in. Even if the number of posts are less there’s nothing to worry about because quality is more important than quantity.

3. Think before you respond to hostile criticism.

One must be very careful while responding to hostile critics. Sometimes it’s better not to respond to hateful comments or feedback. Rather it is beneficial to respond to such reviews only if they get a fact wrong. It can be hard to resist yourself from responding to hateful and negative feedback so it is important to take a moment to decide what should be done.

4. Set up Google Alerts.

It is important for small businesses to set up google alerts as they can benefit a lot from it. Google Alerts are nothing but free email updates that are sent to your inbox every time your search terms are searched in Google. It is suggested that setting alerts for your name, your business’ name, and any way people know your business.