Customized Features Members on Homepage for Your Visitors

This add-on enables you to manually select members, both new and old, to be displayed on your homepage, which can provide you access to extra revenue sources, and member upgrade advantages.

You can choose to highlight new members on your website's front page. You can choose which members to display on your homepage by using the Feature Members on the Homepage add-on.

Customized Features Members on Homepage for Your Visitors

Key Features of Members on the Homepage

  • Choose a few members to highlight on the homepage By featuring specific members on the homepage, the website owner can help increase their visibility, promote their brand, and encourage engagement and interactions with other members. It can also serve as a way to showcase the diversity and quality of the website's community and encourage new users to join or participate.
  • A maximum of 24 members may be featured at onceThis plugin is to prevent the website from becoming cluttered or overwhelming with too many featured members or users. By limiting the number of members that can be displayed, the website owner can ensure that each featured member receives adequate attention and visibility, while also maintaining a clean and organized layout.
  • The prominent member's homepage section should have a new titleThis plugin is a tool or software that allows website owners or administrators to change the title of a section on their homepage that features prominent members or users. This plugin typically enables customization of the title text, font, size, color, and other style options.
  • Sell members that desire more visibility highlighted slotsThe plugin typically allows website owners to set the price for these highlighted slots and may offer different package options or durations. Members or users who purchase these highlighted slots can then have their profiles or information displayed more prominently on the website, making them more visible to other users.
  • By highlighting premium members, you can encourage member upgradesThis plugin can also include calls-to-action and prompts for members to upgrade their accounts, which can help increase conversion rates and generate more revenue for the website owner. Additionally, the plugin can be used to reward existing premium members for their loyalty and encourage them to continue their membership.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the "highlight premium members to encourage upgrades" feature offered by Bright Directories?

This feature is a tool that allows website owners or administrators to highlight premium members or users on their websites in order to encourage other members to upgrade their accounts to premium or paid versions.

How does the feature work?

The feature enables website owners to create a special section on their homepage or other pages that features premium members or users. By highlighting premium members in a prominent location, other members can see the benefits of upgrading their accounts, such as increased visibility, access to exclusive content or features, and more.

Can the feature be customized?

Yes, the feature can be customized with various style options, including the ability to change the section title, adjust the size and placement of the featured members, and more.

How can the feature benefit my website?

The feature can help increase revenue by encouraging more members to upgrade to premium or paid versions of their accounts. It can also reward existing premium members for their loyalty and encourage them to continue their membership.

Is there an additional cost for using this feature?

The cost of this feature may vary depending on the pricing plan of your Bright Directories account. Some plans may include this feature at no additional cost, while others may require an additional fee.

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