About Detect Visitors Locations Add-On

When users perform local searches on your website, the Detect Visitor Locations add-on automatically uses their current location to save them a step.

Give your website the ability to identify and capture a visitor's geo-location. The visitor's location will be automatically entered into your website's location search fields once it has been determined.

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Key Features of Detect Visitor’s Locations

1 A website user is requested to provide their location.

Giving user control over their location data is crucial. This entails giving individuals the option to see, modify, or remove their location data as necessary.

2 Once acknowledged, their location is determined.

It is crucial to confirm that the user has given clear, unambiguous consent if this relates to tracking the user's whereabouts using a tool or technology like GPS.

3 Location search fields automatically include location.

When gathering and using a user's location data in this way, be sure to provide them with a clear and explicit notice about the function and get their consent.

4 Customers' location searches are made easier.

Users should be given clear explanations by Bright Directories on how their location data will be used, who will have access to it, and what security and privacy measures are in place.

5 Guaranteeing accurate search results for users.

According to the user's location, the website should make sure the search results are correct and relevant. In order to make sure that the results are relevant to the user's needs, this may entail limiting search results by distance or location or utilizing other pertinent factors.

6 Location information is safely detected but not saved.

There are various methods for determining a visitor's location, including IP geo-location.

Frequently asked questions

How do Bright Directories detect visitor locations?

Bright Directories uses IP geo-location technology to detect the visitor's location. This technology uses the visitor's IP address to determine their location.

Is visitor location data saved by Bright Directories?

Yes, visitor location data is saved by Bright Directories. However, the platform allows you to turn off this feature if you do not want to collect visitor location data.

Is visitor location data shared with third parties by Bright Directories?

It depends on how you configure your Bright Directories settings. The platform allows you to control the privacy settings of your visitors' location data. You can choose to keep the data private or share it with third-party services.

What is the accuracy of Bright Directories' location detection?

The accuracy of Bright Directories' location detection depends on the quality of the IP geo-location technology used. Generally, IP geo-location is accurate to the city level, but it may not be accurate to the street or building level.

What are the benefits of detecting visitor locations using Bright Directories?

Detecting visitor locations can provide valuable insights into where your visitors are coming from and can help you tailor your content and services to their needs. For example, you can show visitors location-specific information or offer location-specific deals.

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