Flaunt by publishing events on your website.

Event Publishing, Organizing Events, Location Sorting;

The perfect tools to host and post events for your website.

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Flaunt and Moderate Events on Website

Staying updated is the sole purpose of being online. Keep your community updated by sharing events and allowing your members to do the same. Share locations, images, dates of start and much more including the “Ticket details” and “ More info” buttons to back link external sites where the tickets can be availed. Sort the events by locations and make an organized display with an interactive calendar.

Event Publishing

Publishing Events

List your events to share with members and the public on different platforms.
Public Event

Making Events Public

Completely transparent event pages, easy commenting and public sharing.
Event Publishing

Easy publishing and listing of events for you and your members with details like images, tickets links and much more.

Organized Events
Organized Events

Organizing and displaying events on your website with an interactive calendar.

Location Sorting
Location Sorting

Integration with google maps and list your events with physical address.