Why choose the bright directories

Why Choose The Bright Directories

Included Plugins

Bright Directories was designed with the idea to enable you with 99% of the features you will be needing in successfully running a membership and directory website with us. We have it done for you, all built into one comprehensive platform. There won’t be a need to go out fishing for plugins like you have been doing with WordrPess in a hope that they might work.

Basic Website Setup

You will be having access to industry experts who will be helping you set up your website and providing you with sound marketing advice to give you the well needed “Insider’s” edge and eventually speeding up the launch of business directory.

Ongoing Support

Once the website is alive and starts kicking, generating revenue, traffic then providing access to quality customer support becomes crucial and the only game changer you can think of. You may not rely heavily on the support since the start of day one, but who will be your goto guy when you have your first glitch or require help finding the answers to questions being asked by your huge customer base. With us you will also have complete access to hundreds of solution articles that cover everything starting from how-to documentation to constantly featuring updates and marketing advice.

Free Webinars

Bright Directories is really proud to offer its free monthly webinars for all of its loyal customer base. One can access all the tips and tricks from the very founders themselves.

Continual Updates

When you purchase solutions from the Bright Directories, you also get a team of dedicated developers who continuously work to make your business solution the best in the whole industry. We have been publishing our changelogs that promote our latest updates that you can leverage to take the online business to a whole new next level.

ZERO Reliance on Plugins

Ever launched a WordPress website? There will be a 90% chance that you have integrated any 3rd-party plugin that is way behind with WordPress updates. Bright Directories is a software as a service (SaaS), which means you never have to worry about plugins falling behind. You’ll be getting all the plugins at one place.

Server Management

If your website runs slow, or worse goes offline, our server management team will be quick to act upon it and make sure your website returns back the asy it was with all of its operation and functionality.

Dynamic SEO Templates

Whichever it is, your promoting of deals, property listings, local businesses, any job openings, online courses, events or it be classifieds, there will be a need to generate thousands of dynamic web pages. Each search result page and its uniqueness requires an easy way to apply dynamic SEO content to each one without the need of manually updating the SEO for each individual page.

Developers Resource Center

Bright Directoriesproudly offers free certification courses that allows any third party developer to become proficient using the platform.

A Software Built Exclusively for Directory Websites

Whether it is launching deals, property listings, classifieds, local directories, events, professionals or product listing directories choosing a software that has been built from the ground up for any and every type of website gives you an edge. Where WordPress was built to create Blogs, Bright Directories was built to create directory websites.