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Wordpress Directory vs Directory Listing

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Wordpress Directory Theme vs Directory Listing Theme

WordPress directory listing themes have been in a craze since years and will be in the list for some more. WordPress directory themes are an absolutely unique and premium way for a website to go live. You can register, login, edit your profile, submit listings and filtering and sorting search results so much more from the front-end without having to visit the WordPress dashboard. WordPress directory themes serve the purpose of convenience and keep the user pasted with free plugins and design features.

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Difference Between WordPress Directory Theme Vs Listing Theme

WordPress themes have suited and served users for years but each passing day it started to lag behind with other directory listing themes.

  • The need of a big set of plugins for additional features while you use business directory wordpress themes is one of the major reasons for unlinking of WordPress directory themes.
  • The untimely and frequent themes-plugins updates makes its users unsettled over the directory and listing wordpress themes.
  • Slow loading pages and poor SEO ranking added to the list of unliking of WordPress directory listing themes.
  • Users of WordPress are frequently found complaining about the sudden situation of a website going down without any notice.
  • WordPress users often face spamming and have a slight risk of the website being compromised.

Bright Directories as a directory listing software has revolutionised the experience of directory listing themes, providing a platform to excel with business directory themes.

  • The whole website is magened with add-ons, there won't be any hassle for buying premium plugins at the time of need.
  • Updates on themes and security patches are timely and early notified for users to have a hassle free experience.
  • Sole landing page and SEO friendly URLs make it easy for you to list your website and be found on search engines.
  • A technical team is as go for any and every issue you might face with our directory software.
  • With Bootstrap 4.0 and block chain users can lay back assured about the security of your directory website.


So this was a friendly reminder why Bright Directories as a business directory software have the higher ground when it comes to WordPress. Bright Directories as a directory software has many perks but why just read them, experience the new era of business directory theme with us. You’re missing out on a lot, reach out to us by email.