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About Us - Bright Directories

Story of the Spark

  • It was just like any common year but it changed when a bright idea of creating an online directory sparked. That marked the birth of Bright Directories, which started as a medium to help owners and entrepreneurs to create their business directory website, now has turned out to be SaaS.

We Scaled the Odds

  • When you think out of the box, you grow and growing is an unsettling process. Bright Directories grew across the sphere overshadowing odds which felt like mountains and turned out to be the favorite place for users looking for creating their own directories without any huss and fuss.
  • By 2021 we had launched over 250 directory websites using the platform we developed from the ground up.

Living upto the Dream

  • The need was clear, the glaring hole in the directory software market was to be fixed. There was a need for support from both the start-ups and established organizations for a better member directory software.
  • Not just for directory websites but we pivoted to travel sites, e-commerce business, job portals and any other business known to the sphere.

How Far We’ve Come

  • With a vivid vision, the Bright Directories team has pitched and bounced to be a first-class directory website solution with a notion of saving people’s time and money as compared to any traditional web development.
  • Bright Directories still leads the way with its original passion and commitment that it had back in the days.
  • Hosting and powering over 200 websites, Bright Directories platform has touched the lives who joined us on the journey to be the best.
Bright Directories About Us Bright Directories About Us

Our Mission

With a mission to make your business run smooth and easy, Bright directories took birth. The key to a perfect business is availing top-notch solutions and at Bright directories we push our limits, go out of the way providing directory platform customization for years.

You might be a start-up with ideas to break through the sphere or you might be an entrepreneurial styled organization, we have your race covered with perfect solutions. Save time and save your money as at the Bright directories we believe “Running a business should be fun and inspiring not daunting and trying”

Our Mission
Our Vision

Our Vision

A future where the business runs hassle free and smooth. Being the prominent name in the directorial solutions and being the unmatched game changer for the entrepreneurs. For every business there exists a directory and for every directory you search you find Bright Directories.