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Our Leadership Team Members

We recognize talent and work towards promoting a conductive and flexible environment. We have professional team with years of experience in variety of services and linked together a diverse 150+ workforce of architect designers, software engineers, project managers, app developers, and technical specialists.

Lalit Tyagi

CEO and Founder
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Lalit Tyagi, the CEO and Founder of PoloSoft Technologies is a Bachelor in Technology of Computer Science and Engineering.

Like any other Software Engineering student, he started his career as a programmer, realized his passion and strength later, and shifted to Sales, Management, and Operation.

In the process of learning new things and gaining new tags, he finally realized that entrepreneurship is something that suits him and his evolving ideas the best. And that led to the foundation of PoloSoft Technologies.

Putting his experience as an Associate Vice President and the Art of Sales and Management, he is now directing the Sales, Marketing, Strategy, and Operations of the Company.

Mark Crowson

Vice President Marketing USA
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As a former Googler and person who was raised in the small business community I pride my self on offering an honest and transparent approach to help small businesses get found and grow.

If you think hiring a professional is expensive, wait 'til you hire an amateur." --Red Adair

Boy, is that ever the truth! Whether it's the contractor who's renovating your house, the inspector who's checking all the nooks and crannies, or the SEO company who's been guaranteeing you a page #1 position but they can't rank in their own area.

Do you remember the time you bought the "bargain" lawn service from an out-of-town company, and spent hours cleaning up the trimmings and rough edges after they left? What about the time you tried out Billy Bob's Barber Shop for your monthly trim, and had to wear a hat every day for 2 weeks after?

Santi Bhusan Mishra

HR Director
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Santi Bhusan Mishra, the HR director of Polosoft Technologies is in the Recruitment Industry for over 17 years and successfully delegates his tasks. He manages bulk recruitments, analyzes employee performance reports and has great experience in handling career development processes.

With his expertise, he confronts hard situations with diplomacy and develops talent acquisition.

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