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An Amazing Platform For Publishing, Organizing And Sorting Events

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Amazing Platform For Publishing, Organizing And Sorting Events

Event Management Plugins

All About Event Management Plugins

All About Event Management Plugins

Bright Directories provides amazing planning, development, and execution of social events like business meetings and conferences, trade fairs, fundraising efforts, award ceremonies, and entertainment with event management plugins.


Event Infrastructure

This feature provides resources for organizing the kinds of events you enjoy. The programme should be able to build and display the agenda, speakers, presentation materials, venue, and hotels for corporate events.


Target Audience

This event management feature should make it simple for you to reach your target audience. For instance, the software should be able to extract client information from CRM or mailing lists and send automated emails to invite them to your event.



After registering for your event, invited guests and become attendees. As a result, our event management tools provide for online registration and fee collecting.


Event Organizers

Keeping track of your event is simple with Bright Directories' globally accessible web platform. The event's agenda, timing, sessions, speakers, and other details can be created and changed.


Event Venue

For in-person events, the features should be able to check guests in at the venue, print badges for attendees, register attendees, and take payments there.



To spread the news and advertise your event, the features are utilized varied which is properly compatible with social media, email, and other marketing software.

In-depth Features Of Event Management Directory Features

Bright Directories provides exceptionally advanced features in the event management system that makes it simple to perform by streamlining and automating many event management procedures.

Event Website

A native website is created for your event that includes the schedule, presenters, workshops, and other pertinent information with ease.

Event Promotional Invitations

Send out invitations to potential participants, and event organizers to sell and promote the event using the latest event management system.

Online Attendee Registration

Your invitees can easily sign up for the event online by visiting the event website and getting information with precise details.

Online Fee Collection

The features should have the capability to take payments online for events where attendees must purchase a ticket or pay a participation fee.

Attendee Engagement Features

This feature of the event management system enables administrators to communicate with participants via emails, surveys, and polls.

On-Site Attendee Check-in

Your reception staff should be able to immediately confirm each attendee's registration once they arrive at the venue with instant features.

Moderate Event Listing And Management Features

Share locations, pictures, start dates, and much more. You can also use the "Ticket details" and "More info" buttons to link to other websites where you can purchase tickets. An interactive calendar can be used to organize events by location.

Publishing Events

Create a list of your events to share with members and the general public on various platforms.

Making Events Public

Event pages with complete transparency, simple commenting, and public sharing.

Event Publishing

Events may be easily published and listed for members with information and more.

Organized Events

Use an interactive calendar to organize and present events on your website.

Location Sorting

Google Maps integration and listing of your events with addresses.

A well-liked solution for managing commercial events, from modest get-together to enormous concerts, is Bright Directories. The system is adaptable to your needs, and you may use it to organize and manage conferences and meetings. It may be used to send email reminders and confirmations, and it has a robust ticketing feature and lead management directory to generate more leads.

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