A Smart Way To Receive, Manage And Make Payments

Simplified Subscription And Management For Your Website

Bright Directories Has A Perfect Gateway For Payment Solutions

Simplified Subscription And Management For Your Website

Customised Yet Swift Payment Management Solution

Bright Directories offers a cloud-based CRM platform that helps in automating the process of payment collection, making payments and invoice generation.

Manage Subscriptions

Manage your members' recurring payments for any business directory and membership subscriptions and look out at the membership account dashboard. Our solutions like lead management tools can simplify your operations and offer several payment gateways for each member.

Manage Subscriptions
Managing Payments

Managing Payments

Bright Directories' payment systems for all membership directories are simple to use and extremely secure, and they can handle both due and recurring payments with ease. Keep track of the due payments with a business directory payment gateway and subscriptions made by your members to make ends meet.

Lead Management

Bright Directories provides streamlined capture forms that generate leads via lead management tools for your company and your members. Bright Directories helps you generate more money via revenue management directories and potential leads. Rich features and benefits simplify upgrading your free customer (users) to a devoted premium customer.

Lead Management
Ad Management

Ad Management

Your website will be made profitable through an ad management directory plugin and membership services and membership management directory, with Bright Directories serving as your lone partner. Your directory websites and online shops will get off to a great start thanks to Google AdSense and banner ads.

Standard Aspects Of Payment Management System

Businesses must also maintain a record of their monthly expenses. These cover things like purchasing products, paying suppliers, paying rent, and using the utilities.


Users of payment management software can create, manage, and track invoices for clients using the invoicing capability. Customers can create unique invoices using the payment management system or directory payment gateway.

Payment Processing

The stage of payment processing starts when invoices are created and sent to clients. Our payment management gateway enables manual card or digital transfer processing and allows payment alternatives to be incorporated directly on websites.

Discount and Refunds

The option to provide customers discounts and coupons via coupon management directory promotion during or after the purchase process should also be included in payment management solutions. After these discounts or refunds have been applied to the transaction, the programme should also accurately and automatically represent the balance of payments.

Invoice and transaction tracking

Effective payment management solutions should have the capacity to manage invoices easily and quickly, record payments made and received, and give visibility into payments that are due in order to prevent missed payment withdrawals from accounts.

Receipt Generation

Receipts for transactions conducted through the tools are automatically generated and stored by an efficient payment management solution in the membership dashboard. The consumer can then generate these receipts as printed copies via email, text message, or another method for their own records.


Another crucial component of a payment management solution is reporting. In addition to tracking, analyzing, and storing a significant amount of data, reporting should also have a clear and simple user interface.

The functionalities that come with a platform for payment management solutions will vary depending on the platform. Bright Directories provide the generation and distribution of bills to clients and consumers easily via a payment gateway. Additionally, they must be able to manage particular customers and import directory bulk payments without difficulty from the membership account dashboard while successfully handling recurring payments without the need for manual intervention.

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