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Membership Management And Customizations Awaits.

Membership Management

Utilise your money better by using Bright Directories. You can immediately start making members available through a variety of membership levels on your e-commerce website or directories like job directory, wedding directory, sports directory, music directory, thereby enhancing growth of your company. With Bright Directories, you can manage and customise the membership options.

Centralized Dashboard and Profile Page

Incorporated with tools to manage profiles and a centralized dashboard makes Bright Directories a game changer for your business directory or e-commerce store or any other website. Your members have a dashboard that enables them with Google algorithm and panda complying profiles, in turn helping with SEO ranking.

Solutions for review management, updates, and lead management can all be found on the dashboard.

Centralized Dashboard and Profile Page
Member Management

Member Management

Dynamic membership tools of Bright Directories help you manage the members with their subscriptions, privileges and payments. One tool for all your managing and checking the member list, revenue and tractions if so ever.

Member Forms and Customizations

Displaying the information as needed and customization of member profiles is super easy with our tools. Change the field to be displayed and nab the required information with our pre-built tools and forms. We’ll entertain your new customization requests.

Member Forms and Customizations

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