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Product Overview

Put an end to your search for a flexible and user-friendly theme for your e-commerce directory business. Our e-Commerce directory theme enables you to manage events on your portal along with your customers. The combination of cutting-edge technology and analytical tools enables users to achieve top search engine rankings. While you intend to expand, let us handle everything.

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Core Features

Pricing Plans

Booking & Appointment

Business Hours

Compare Listing

Listings FAQs

Listings with Map

Social Login

PayPal Payment Gateway

Stripe Payment Gateway

Ecommerce Directory Theme Ideation

Bright Directories is catalyzed in such a way so that people can raise their car directory website high exactly the way they want. Needless to say, you can pump up to millions of directory listings using this directory theme with extreme ease.

  • Developed with the clean code
  • Create unlimited jobs directory listings
  • Most scalable theme structures present

Orchestrate Your Listing Card Accordingly

One of the best features of Bright Ecommerce Directory theme is the user-friendliness. Designing and orchestrating your listing cards based on your preference is nothing but a cakewalk with this theme. Many options are there to make the individual listing card even more personalized.

  • Set up your listing card as your own
  • Wonderful design compatibility
  • Lightweight & faster performance
  • Personalized listing card

Configure Your Single Listing Page

With Bright Directories Ecommerce Directory theme, as an admin, you can effortlessly configure, maneuver, and customize the whole theme. More significantly, you can customize a single listing page, enable/disable sections based on your need, and configure the listing slider.

  • Simplest single listing page to customize
  • Modern design that is intuitive and easily customizable
  • Single listing page customization
  • making use of custom fields

Ways to earn money from eCommerce Directory Theme

eCommerce Directory Theme supports a variety of ways to monetize your directory listing websites and get paid effortlessly.

Paid Listings

The listing submission may be made profitable by designing listing packages with various extras.

Claim a Listing

Business owners might be charged a fee to claim their existing listings on your directory listing website.

Featured Listings

You may set up a system whereby business owners can pay you to move their listing to the top in exchange for payment.

Rank Featured Listing

If listing occurs on a wider scale, you can rank among all the featured listings and receive payment from the listing owners.

Pay Per Submit

Users should be restricted and charged to submit a listing on your website.


Charge business owners on a regular basis to renew their packages in order to generate a set and steady income.

Dynamic Appointment & Booking System for Ecommerce Product

You, as a directory site owner, can use this theme to develop a particular booking system for the users. You can add scheduling functionality to hike the possibilities of your directory business.

  • Complete migration to Bright Directories Ecommerce Directory theme in just a few clicks
  • Import tons of listings with no time
  • Develop a complete appointment & booking system
  • Map any field types to directory listing fields

Fast Filtering System & Instant Search

Bright Directories Ecommerce Directory theme is combined with everything especially the fast filtering and instant search that allow users to search listings based on massive number of criteria, for instance, custom fields, tags, price range, and many more. Moreover, you’ll also get default text fields to jack up the overall search experience to a whole new level.

  • Can filter using numerous custom felds for having an accurate results
  • Geolocation and nearby listings facility
  • Radius distance search
  • Add custom fields as search filters
  • Search widgets with 14 different filters
  • Highly customizable filters for each type

Built-in Checkout and Popular Gateways

No matter whether it is online or offline payment system, Bright Directories Ecommerce Directory theme has the both ones to be compatible with. As an admin, you can also set up a recurring payment option for serving your payment-related purposes.

  • Allow Stripe integration
  • PayPal integration
  • Local bank transaction

Modern User Dashboard

The dashboard displays a lot of content in a smart way including profile update, active packages, listing update of the user.

Many More Features Are Also Included

CSV Import & Export

By allowing you to import thousands of listings from a CSV file, the job directory theme provides a powerful, user-friendly solution to streamline the migration process.

Google Maps & Open Street Maps

To assist consumers in finding the service they want, the Job directory theme offers a customizable mapping source that includes Google Maps and Open Street Map.

Powerful Theme editor

The Powerful Theme editor gives the theme incredible versatility. You may use a real-time live page builder to create your website.

Rating & Reviews

There is a star-based system for reviews and ratings that the owners can accept or disapprove of.

Guest Submission

You may submit jobs as a guest on the jobs directory as a visitor without logging in and taking on the role of an author or reviewer.

Private Directory

For certain users only, specific objects and areas of the theme can be visible.

Email Notification

To inform your consumers of various changes and promotional offers, you may create personalized emails and send them to them.

Schedule Task

You can plan the period of time after the submitted listings expire as an admin.

Save & Bookmark

Even as a visitor, you may save and bookmark content so that you can return to it at a later time.

Custom Badges

To handle listing in-depth, a variety of badge types are offered that may be modified.


The theme's individual components may all be translated into different languages.

RTL Support

RTL support is available to build directories in both directions.

Spam Protection

Your forms are protected from spam and other harmful activity by Google ReCaptcha.

GDPR Ready

Get a Jobs directory listing theme and make your website GDPR flexible for business owners.

SEO Optimized

A perfect combination of built-in SEO optimizing system & Yoast SEO integration is used here.

Integrate with your favorite apps

Direction & Contact


Tax Ready

Flag & Report

One Click Demo Import

Super Responsive

Developer Friendly



Send Grid

100% Risk-Free Money Back Guarantee!

We think users' satisfaction is our prime achievement. However, if the Theme still doesn’t serve your purposes, we’ll be more than happily to refund 100% of your payment within 14 days of your purchase. No questions will be asked! Learn more about our refund policy.

24/7 Support

We care our users most and take support seriously. We are proud of the level of support we provide to our customers. Our team is available round the clock and our innovative support center makes it easy to interface with our team and get to the bottom of any issues.

Frequently asked questions

What is an e-commerce directory theme?

perfect theme for businesses who want to take it online, up and running in no time. A perfect place for businesses to connect with potential customers and leads for revenue generation and expanding business.

How long can I use the theme of this directory?

Once you purchase this e-commerce directory theme, you can use it indefinitely. Support and upgrades for the event's theme, however, are only available for a year. You can continue to use the theme without support or updates for a year after purchase.

Which businesses would be listed on an e-commerce directory theme?

Businesses with the need for demo websites for time-saving have the perfect solution for listing, business listed with eCommerce themes are:

  • Dropshipping business
  • Manufacturing business White labelling business
  • Wholesaling business
  • Rent and loan business
  • Freemium business
  • Vendor Specific business
  • Subscription business
  • Online retailers

What are the benefits of listing on an e-commerce directory theme?

Listing business increases their searchability making them easy for your customers to find over search engines, benefits are:

  • More response
  • Secure payments
  • Easy device and browser compatibility
  • Easy selling of products
  • Easy connection to customers
  • Search engine friendly design

How do I manage directories admin?

With Bright Directories the management of your business directories is easy, you can manage your super admin customization and all skeletal customization from our dashboard. For any query, you can mail us at

How can I choose the e-commerce directories theme?

With Bright Directories you have the option to choose the list of 40+ perfect themes tailor-made for your business you can fill out this form and our team will contact you.

Will adding too many events have an impact on how well my event portal performs?

Your hosting has some bearing on the functionality of your website. The functionality and speed of this e-commerce directory theme have been enhanced.

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