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When we talk of the “Membership directory website” image of an online business which enables users who registered (it may be free or paid) with content and exclusive features. An element that makes your business exclusive separating all the qualified leads from random visitors.

You might be an enterprise-level business or newbie startup or small online project, in either the pictures you’ll be needing a reliable and eye-pleasing membership website that explains you to your potential customers. The need of a membership directory software will lead you to the search engines just to find do it manually by writing codes or hiring a freelancer.

How does Membership Directory Software Work?

Bright Directories is a membership database software specifically designed and tailor made for premium users willing to pay for the content we create and the wide range of services we offer. Our content and services are valuable and high quality making it typically the primary way to entice people to sign up and pay a subscription fee.

Bright Directories helps you with building a membership website for recurring customers, providing the very customers access to the latest, most trusted resources establishing a trust bond. Publishing top notch content for your target industry and demographic.

Bright Directories premium content

Our premium content :

  • Exclusive offers and discounts for premium members
  • Niche publications like statistical reports, opinion polls, white papers, etc.
  • Providing a comprehensive learning sources for your target industry
  • Webinars and courses
  • Event calendar and exclusive invitations for members
  • Registration of new website members and subscribers
  • Automated control and administration of member profiles
  • Easy management of membership fees and payment due dates
  • Push Email notifications for premium users
  • 24x7 database update
  • Mobile optimization membership management software

A perfect Membership management software:

Bright Directories being an all-encompassing, which means it gives you the possibility to automate almost every aspect of the membership site. We made it easy for you to start with us:

  • Self-service member account dashboard
  • Bulk member importer
  • Member management
  • Searchable directory
  • Ratings and reviews
  • Email marketing
  • And more
Bright Directories Membership management software

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