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If not we’re always happy to hear from you directly. Feel free to try us on or 503-928-5984

You can learn about the License pricing and Dedicated plans from our Pricing menu. (

Your license will enable you with basic hostings, domain placements and license for using our software. You can always notch up your hosting and listing by upgrading your plans.

Yes, you can use your own domain for Bright Directories because it is a fully hosted solution. You just need to connect your domain by choosing a license plan and customizing your own personal touches.

We have 24x7 technical support via email, we have special packages for maintenance and support. Contact us at

In case of a lifetime license, you have all the time to launch your website.

We have tech support 24x7 via email and we also have special package for special maintenance and support. For that you can send email to

It s very easy to setup within single click you can setup. Setup guide will be there. If you are not able to do it. You can easily avail our one -time setup services with a cost. Send email for more details to

Secured with Bootstrap 4.0 and block chains, our software out-matches any hosting software out there.

We can schedule you a demo for any service we provide, let you choose and feel the difference.

We have a perfectly easy one-click set up for our software. You can easily avail our one-time setup services with a cost. Reach us at

Yes, license is your for lifetime if you buy lifetime license. You can launch your website anytime and anywhere.

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  • Still thinking or have doubt, send us email to help you out
  • If you have already a directory and want to shift to our platform. We will help to transfer all data with our technical experts.
  • We will guide you even to setup and help to run your business with world class support without any hassle.