How To Use Bright Directories

How to Use Bright Directories Software?

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General Website Setup

This consists of the general setting you would be doing to your website.

General tab

Name, Industry name, Profession name, contact info, website status, email domain, etc.


Brand images tab

Website Logo, membership badges, default member image, default member logo, map pin drops, etc.


Social media tab

Links to add your various social media handles.


Localization tab

Time zone of your website, primary country, date format, currency settings, etc.


Search tab

Search radius, city, member URLs, etc..


Integrations tab

Info on standard integration like Google analytics, maps, spam protect, etc.


Color & Design Setup


Homepage tab

For a generalized homepage theme and customization of homepage.


Colors tab

Choose from a variety of Color sets for your website


Banner ad tab

Enabling and disabling ads on your website.


Custom CSS tab

For advanced users and developers for customizing head tabs and homepage.

Connecting Domain Name

  • play_arrow Using name server method or A record method
  • play_arrow Adding Name Servers Adding the name servers on the manage DNS tab
  • play_arrow New Domain Name Add the new domain name and see the website going live

Adding Payment gateway

  • play_arrow Select your payment gateway from a variety of options
  • play_arrow Selected Payment Gateway Direct to the selected payment gateway website to create an account
  • play_arrow Adding Description of Business Adding description of business will help you create an account
  • play_arrow Activate The Selected Gateway This will activate the selected gateway

Creating Administrator Account

  • play_arrow Go to the admin accounts tab
  • play_arrow Idea Of All Admin Account This will give you a idea of all admin account
  • play_arrow Admiral Settings Check the admiral settings
  • play_arrow Choose and customize the type of the admiral Choose and customize the type of the admiral you want to create
  • play_arrow New Domain CreatingInvite the admin via email or directly creating a new admin

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