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Ad Management Directory Plugins

Ad Management Directory Plugins

AD is an excellent tool for easily regulating user access and privileges and successfully enforcing a hierarchical structure with little effort.

Centralized Control and Monitoring

Centralized Control and Monitoring - Almost all aspects of user access and network permissions can be managed centrally by administrators using the AD service.

Seamless User-Experience - Once the AD infrastructure is in place and all permission policies have been applied, users can experience seamless access.

A different type for different people - For various contexts, AD is accessible in a variety of alternate forms.

Far-Reaching Policies With Group Policy Objects - Bright Directories provides a special Group Policy Editor to make it simple to set up the policies and the level at which they will be applied.

Benefits of AD Management Directory

Save valuable IT time by automating and accelerating user provisioning procedures. Bright Directories helps extend rights control via AD by incorporating non-Windows resources into your AD architecture.


Unify Identities Across The Mixed Environments

You may centralise user access management for your applications, databases, SaaS resources, and everything else related to AD using Active Directory management and security (AD MGMT).


Helps In Ensuring Compliance

Active Directory administration and security can help to ensure compliance and lessen the stress associated with audits by providing locked-down, automated access-approval processes and reporting capabilities.


Automate AD Administration

Through automated account lifecycle management, you may improve the effectiveness of your organization's Active Directory management with standardized and optimized procedures.

Various Tools of AD Management Directory Tools

With AD Manager Plus, administrators can assign time-consuming, easy, repetitive duties to non-administrative users or the help desk in a totally safe way.

AD User Management

With the help of its bulk user operations and user-friendly interface, AD Manager Plus is a powerful Active Directory user management application that enables you to easily manage thousands of your Active Directory users.

AD Computer Management

Using CSV and templates, you can create computer objects in mass, change their group and general attributes, move them between organizational units, enable or disable them, and more with only a few mouse clicks.

AD Group Management

Using templates, you can quickly build and modify groups, including security and distribution groups, add or delete users from them in bulk, and define Exchange attributes all at once.

AD Contact Management

With the help of this AD administration tool's bulk contacts management feature, the laborious procedure of picking out each contact object one by one and altering each of its characteristics is made simpler.

AD Mailbox Management

Without using PowerShell scripts, shared, room, and equipment mailboxes can be easily created and modified. Additionally, you can make unique modification templates to change many mailbox attributes at once.

Bulk AD Management CSV Import

It provides a built-in CSV import option that enables you to run the appropriate AD management activities while retrieving the list of objects and their relevant characteristics from a CSV file.

AD Password Management

Reset the passwords for multiple user accounts, select the password security options, and enable or disable users whose passwords have expired.

AD File Server Management

You can precisely adjust the shares and folder permissions with this AD management tool. Users and groups can easily grant or refuse NTFS/share rights. Temporary file server permissions can also be specified.

Various functionalities are offered with AD management features depending on the platform. Bright Directories provides straightforward Active Directory preparation and optimum services to clients and consumers via secure AD management. Additionally, they must be able to manage certain clients, handle payments gateway without user participation, and quickly import directory bulk payments from the membership account dashboard.

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