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Product Overview

A suitable Restaurant directory theme will be incorporated along with an easy-to-use user interface. This implies adding and editing your listings of restaurants in an easy & simple manner. A Restaurant directory theme adaptability guarantees that it will look good on desktop computers, tablets, and mobile devices.

  • cycle Last Updated April 10, 2023
  • calendar_month Released November 7, 2021
  • home_storage Current Version 1.21

Core Features

Pricing Plans

Restaurant Booking

Business Hours

Claim Listing

Listings with Map

Social Login

PayPal Payment Gateway

Stripe Payment Gateway

Listings FAQs

Scale Up Your Website with Multi-directories

Bright Directories Restaurant is sparked off in a way that can allow people to straighten up their directory websites based on their requirements. With a literal interpretation, people can pick up the pace to millions of directory listings using this awesome directory theme.

Craft Your Listing Card Accordingly

The glimmering feature of Restaurant directory theme is its user-friendliness. The same reason is why you can fashion and craft each listing card as per your requirements. Also, there are options to make the individual listing cards even more personalized.

  • Set up your listing card as your own
  • Wonderful design compatibility
  • Lightweight & faster performance
  • Personalized listing card

Customize Your Single Listing Page

With the Bright Directories Restaurant directory theme, as an admin, you can effortlessly configure, maneuver, and even customize the whole theme no matter what your requirement is. Interestingly enough, you can customize a single listing page, enable/disable sections based on your need, and configure the listing slider.

  • Most customizable single listing page
  • Intuitive modern design with practical customizability
  • Customize single listing page
  • Leveraging custom fields

Ways to earn money from Restaurant Directory Theme

Restaurant directory theme supports a variety of ways to monetize your directory listing websites and get paid effortlessly.

Paid Listings

Listing submission can be monetized by creating listing packages, each of which includes different benefits.

Claim a Listing

You can charge business owners to claim their listings that're already on your directory listing site.

Featured Listings

You can make a way for the business owners for paying you to fix their spot at the top of the listings.

Rank Featured Listing

You can rank among all the featured listings if listing happens at a larger scale and get paid by the listing owners.

Pay Per Submit

Restrict users and charge them to submit a listing on your site.


Generate a fixed and stable income by charging business owners on a regular basis in order to renew their packages.

Dynamic Appointment & Booking System for Restaurants

You, as a directory site owner, can use this theme to develop a particular booking system for the users. You can add scheduling functionality to fetch up the possibilities of your directory business.

  • Complete migration to dRestaurant in just a few clicks
  • Import tons of listings with no time
  • Develop a complete appointment & booking system
  • Map any field types to directory listing fields

Fast Filtering System & Instant Search

Bright Directories Restaurant theme is combined with options especially the fast filtering and instant search that allow users to search listings based on a massive number of criteria, for instance, custom fields, tags, price range, and many more. Moreover, you’ll also get default text fields to perk up the overall search experience to a whole new level.

  • Can filter using numerous custom felds for having an accurate results
  • Geolocation and nearby listings facility
  • Radius distance search
  • Add custom fields as search filters
  • Search widgets with 14 different filters
  • Highly customizable filters for each type

Built-in Checkout and Popular Gateways

Whether it is an online or offline payment system, Restaurant has both ones to be compatible with. As an admin, you can also set up a recurring payment option for serving your payment-related purposes.

  • Allow Stripe integration
  • PayPal integration
  • Local bank transaction

Modern User Dashboard

The dashboard displays a lot of content in a smart way including profile update, active packages, listing update of the user.

Many More Features Are Also Included

CSV Import & Export

Bright Directories Restaurant offers a compelling user-friendly tool to simplify the migration process by letting you import thousands of listings from a CSV file.

Google Maps & Open Street Maps

Bright Directories Restaurant provides a flexible mapping source offering Google Maps and OpenStreetMap to help users to find their desired service.

Powerful Theme editor

The theme provides amazing flexibility using Powerful Theme editor. You can build your site by real time live page builder.

Rating & Reviews

A star based reviews & rating system is available, which the owners can approve/disapprove.

Guest Submission

As a visitor, you can act like an author or reviewer without logging in using the guest submission option of dRestaurant.

Private Directory

Selected items and sections of the theme can be displayed for special users only.

Email Notification

You can generate custom-made emails and send it to your customers to notify about different updates and promotional offers.

Schedule Task

As an admin, you can schedule the time frame after the submitted listings will be expired.

Save & Bookmark

You can save and bookmark something even as a visitor, so that you may go through it later in your suitable time.

Custom Badges

Numerous kinds of badges are available that can be customized in order to manage listing profoundly.


Every single element of the theme can be translated in various languages.

RTL Support

RTL support available to build directories in both directions.

Spam Protection

Google ReCaptcha protects your forms from spam and other malicious activities.

GDPR Ready

Get Bright Directories Restaurant directory listing theme and make your website GDPR flexible for business owners.

SEO Optimized

A deadly combination of built in SEO optimizing system & Yoast SEO integration is used here.

Integrate with your favorite apps

Direction & Contact


Tax Ready

Flag & Report

One Click Demo Import

Super Responsive

Developer Friendly



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We think users' satisfaction is our prime achievement. However, if the Theme still doesn’t serve your purposes, we’ll be more than happily to refund 100% of your payment within 14 days of your purchase. No questions will be asked! Learn more about our refund policy.

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Frequently asked questions

Are there licences for themes?

Bright Directories' products are all licenced. You receive a customer account and a licence key for updating the products as a result of being one of our customers.

Will the restaurant directory work with my theme?

Yes, the restaurant directory is designed to work with any time.

Is it possible to develop a multilingual employment directory?

The multilingual settings on the restaurant directory theme enable it to appeal to a larger audience.

How can I determine whether my audience is expanding?

The restaurant directory theme offers analytical features as well to help you understand your audience.

How will I find out about upcoming events?

The directory theme offers analytical features as well to help you understand your audience.

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